WE seem to read endlessly letters published from supporters of the Brexit and yet many really have no clue as to what that really means.

There has been the protest vote against all things political here in the UK, by getting behind Nigel Farage’s latest ploy, and yet within days of the European Elections, the Liberal Democrats are now in first place ahead of his nonsense business party.

The Conservatives at the time of this message have 13 candidates all wanting to be the next leader of their party and therefore the temporary Prime Minster. All seem to have a different message to ensure that one of them actually gets the support of the membership.

Not of we, the actual taxpaying public.

Brexiteers are scared of a People’s Vote knowing full well now, the public will vote for Remain.

Brexiteers/Leavers won’t call for a general election as they again know there is no such thing as a Conservative safe seat and Labour will lose many of theirs to the Liberal Democrats, or a Green candidate.

The whole idea that somehow we would be better off dealing with the US is an absolute nonsense when the EU is just the other end of the Channel Tunnel, or in the case of Ireland, next door.

In the meantime, investment into the UK is falling. We are no longer the financial capital of the world. Car manufactures all foreign owned, are on the brink of pulling out of the UK. Even little old MG, are cutting back.

Just revoke Article 50 now.

Have a general election, where my strong suspicion is that the Liberal Democrats will have a huge success. If it turns out to be a close run, then we must have a People’s Vote.

The Conservatives will lose a load of their seats and Labour, a number of theirs.

The big question is, by how many? Whatever happens, the UK is now not Great Britain.

We have been the third largest member of the EU population wise and therefore had influence. We were the second strongest economy within the EU.

That is why we held a high ranking within the world (G7). Outside of our EU membership, we will be in free-fall.

Come on readers, this is your country.

You pay your taxes so that those elected can represent you.

The UK has become a world wide joke. There is absolutely no way we can climb back being outside of the EU. We will simply go broke.

We were told that forty or so trade deals would be lined up but not signed. Whilst it is understood we are lucky to get 6.

Other nations around the world want to trade with the EU before considering the UK, and that does include those in the Commonwealth.

No matter what the outcome is, we have put ourselves into the position of uncertainly for the next 25 years. Leave or Remain.

But during that time, do you want us to become a third world bankrupt country, or have the prospect of heading up the European Union?

The Liberal Democrats have the support of the younger voter, and it is their future.

Allow that to happen.

Richard Grant

Address supplied