The Warehouse Theatre, Weymouth

Weymouth Drama Club could hardly get more topical than their choice for this latest production which remembers the D Day landings of World War 2

Set in 1994 and based on a true story, this reminiscent drama tells of three old codgers who get together in the nursing home in which they live to discuss their escape to France where the 50th anniversary of the wartime effort is to be celebrated.

But for Alf, Edwin and Tommy, the past – and their age - catches up with them in this emotionally charged production that brings to life their youthful experiences, neatly interspersed with the sly wit and unsophisticated humour of the times.

Pete Hutton, Richard Lawson and Rob Tripp give thoughtful performances as the three comrades who battle out their differences as they decide how to get to Normandy in the face of opposition from their steely nursing home matron, played by Julie Knight who also takes on two other roles in an imaginative performance.

Playwright Alan Stockdill’s script takes the audience back to the old days as Alf tells his story of being a Bevin Boy, Edwin explains that being an officer in the Pay Corps was a worthwhile task and Tommy aims to visit the grave of his best army mate who is buried in France.

The simple set and informal atmosphere of the club’s Hope Street premises add to the pleasure of this very British drama which is ably directed by Derek Sawtell while the cast of four take the local club to a level of perception and understanding that is at the heart of theatrical work.

The production's final performance takes place tonight at 7.30pm.