A COUPLE of weeks ago I had a notice attached to my garden waste bin, stating that I had not paid for the current year's collection, and if payment was not made, my bin would be removed.

This was not the case, as I had paid the due fee of £50.50 on February 16 2019, two weeks prior to the date requested and six weeks before the new year's collection commenced.

I contacted their office and was assured that an error had been made, payment had been completed and collections would continue.

To my surprise, the following week I came home and found my garden waste bin missing. I again contacted the office and requested immediate return of the bin and a letter of apology. They denied taking the bin, but agreed to send a letter and provide a bin. I wondered if this was the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The collection of garden waste took place this week, and I had still not received a bin, and I again requested immediate return of my bin, a letter of apology and compensation for a missed collection plus my wasted time.

I have no complaints whatsoever of the collection team, who do an excellent, job but the management and administration appear incompetent.

Prior to my retirement, I worked for 45 years for three separate local authorities, where such total incompetence simply would not be tolerated.

Today, however, a brand new bin appeared, but no letter of apology or compensation. My workable five year old bin, in good condition, was probably scrapped, along with other terminated bins. What a waste of money.

Michael Davis

Glebeland Close

West Stafford