People are being reminded to not leave valuables in cars after thieves struck at beauty spots.

With the weather improving, criminals are on the lookout for valuables as more people explore the countryside and leave vehicles at secluded locations.

There have been two reports of thefts from vehicles in north Dorset over the last two days.

One of these thefts took place at Fiddleford Manor Car Park, while the other occurred in Duncliffe Woods Car Park.

A backpack and a wallet were stolen.

Police advise people at this time of the year to ensure that they do not leave valuables in their cars.

In a previous warning, a Dorset Police neighbourhood team spokesman said: "You decide to hide your handbag or wallet in the car. After all, nobody will know it's there and it will save having to carry it. Bad decision.

"You have a lovely stroll, you come back to the car to find a smashed window and your valuables stolen.

"It's quite simple really, just remember don't hide or leave valuables in your car; someone may be watching you if you decide to hide them.

"Share this advice and help put car thieves out of business."