Two women have a plan to get more people outside to enjoy the fresh air during their lunchtimes.

Kate Atkinson and Shakira Brading of Bridal Reloved Dorchester have organised a free weekly music event for people in Poundbury.

The event – called Music in the Park Poundbury – started in May and takes place on Fridays just outside the Prince Charles garden.

Ms Brading said: “We came up with the idea to start getting people out for at least an hour each Friday during the summer to enjoy some free entertainment in the park.

“This is to encourage people to come out on their lunch times to get some fresh air for an hour.

“Kate wanted to get out all the businesses at lunchtimes, and I have a background in performing arts and singing so we came together to get this event going!”

The event offers music of all different varieties and aims to help give some recognition to local musicians and artists.

The musical acts are also streamed live via Facebook.

Ms Brading said: “We would love for more people to be involved and more to be aware that it’s completely free and just a fun thing for a Friday afternoon.

“We would love to see more faces come and join us and enjoy live entertainment, and we would also love musicians to get in contact if they’d like to perform!

“We’ve had such lovely feedback saying what a lovely idea it is.”

Prince Charles, who visited Poundbury in May, has endorsed the idea.

Ms Brading said: “Prince Charles spoke to his assistants in Poundbury and expressed how much he loved the idea and wanted to hear all about it.

“We talked about the different acts we had performing and how well it’s going, and he showed a genuine interest and said how much of a brilliant idea it was to show off people’s talent.”

Music in the Park Poundbury will run every Friday until September 27 from 12.30pm until 1.30pm.

More information about the shows can be found at