Coastal flood defence works will go on into the night.

Sea defence work to protect West Bay from flooding is currently being carried out by Dorset Council and the Environment Agency at both the east and west beaches.

Work on the new sea groyne at West Beach has to be done at low tide, which means some night working.

Cllr Ray Bryan, cabinet portfolio holder for environment, highways and transport, said: “These works are vital to better protect West Bay from flooding.

“We apologise for the disturbance, some of the work has to be carried out at low tide, which means some night working. We are on schedule to re-open your beaches next month. Thank you for bearing with us.”

Dorset Council said the £10 million project is on a tight schedule and the works, which could not be carried out in the winter due to storms and rough seas, will better protect 148 homes and 112 businesses from flooding.

Information is on display near the beaches and drop-in sessions will be held at The Salt House on June 13 and 27 from 1.30pm to 4.30pm.

More information is also available at

While works have been undertaken on East Beach, the base of an old flagpole base has been unearthed.

A spokesperson at the Environment Agency said: “While contractors were carrying out excavation work on East Beach, a large lump of masonry was uncovered on the beach.

“The council’s conservation officer confirmed it was the base of a flagpole that used to stand on the beach and advised that the base could be removed.”

Dorset Council confirmed the pole could be seen in early 20th century photos of East Beach.

A final rock delivery was made to West Bay on May 21 and the ship and barge have now left.

East Beach is now fully closed to the public until June 17 and works are also continuing at low tides on West Beach.

All works are anticipated to stop on July 12 for the school summer holidays and, if necessary, will restart on September 2.