Two more cruise ships are due into Portland Port tomorrow.

Portland will welcome the AIDAaura from Germany and the Seven Seas Explorer from the United States.

This will be the second time the AIDAaura has docked in Portland this year, having also stopped by on May 17.

The ship, which has maximum capacity of 1,266, a length of 202.8m and weights 42,289 tons, is operated by AIDA.

Numerous AIDA cruise ships have come to Portland this year.

The Seven Seas Explorer, which is operated by PCH, has a capacity of 738, a length of 224m and a weight of 55,254 tons.

The next cruise arrivals after Wednesday will be on Tuesday, July 2.

A total of 44 cruise ships are due to arrive in Portland Port this season, 11 of which are arriving for the first time.

The cruise vessels will come from Europe, Australia and the States.

The ships will continue to arrive in Portland throughout the season until late October.