Hi readers, it’s William and Emily this week, talking about the asparagus that Laura, who helps us edit this column, gave us from her brothers farm in Suffolk.

We promised that we would tell you the results of us cooking it. I, Emily, unfortunately left it a bit too long in the fridge but Mum shared it with her friends and they enjoyed it. They boiled it, which she usually does, though I think it’s better roasted. I have had it roasted at my friends house and think it keeps more of the flavour. When you boil it, the water turns green and the flavour is much milder.

I, William, boiled it for five minutes and then had it with some salad and ham. It tasted nice and was very soft. The flavour was good and tasty, and as always, think it’s best enjoyed fresh.

We’ve been wondering what would be the perfect food to eat with asparagus. I, Emily, think it could be nice to have asparagus as soldiers for my boiled eggs! Has anyone tried this? We think it’s good to have hollandaise with it. If we were to have protein with it, we would probably choose steak or salmon. I, William, think fish and chips with asparagus (instead of mushy peas) could be very tasty.

Talking of British summer produce, we are both enjoying British strawberries. The ones I’ve had (Emily) are really sweet and juicy, that I don’t even need sugar. My Mum’s friend grows tomatoes, which are amazing when they are ripe. If I had the time, I would grow vegetables myself in an allotment. I, William, am looking forward to my Dad’s lettuces which should be ready fairly soon.

We hope you, like us, are both looking forward to a summer of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by The Friendship Club– a project for adults with learning disabilities, run by People First Dorset