SEEING your headline on the letters page, I hoped for something that I have not seen in all the arguments for and against leaving the EU: an easy to understand piece on why the EU is so wonderful.

But no, Mr Grant’s letter was the usual remainer rant, but concentrating this time on how the remainers now have a great opportunity to reverse the referendum result with the exhortation “come on readers this is your country”.

Remainers like Mr Grant cannot seem to grasp the fact that this is no longer ‘our country’ that drives me and other people to wish to leave the EU.

Furthermore, remainers influenced by MPs and people such as Vince Cable, Sir John Major, Tony Blair, John Bercow and sections of the media, do not seem to realise the immense damage they have done to our democratic traditions by their deliberate denial of the referendum result.

They argue that we do not have to accept the result of a democratic vote.

Yet, with exquisite irony, it is clear that if they won a second vote (which is a typical EU manoeuvre), they would presumably expect everyone to respect the result.

John Neimer