Part of a cliff has collapsed without warning, much to the shock of onlookers just metres away.

Walkers and fossil hunters are advised to stay from the beach at Stonebarrow following a fall on Sunday night.

Extreme weather conditions are believed to have contributed to the collapse.

Pictures taken by Judy and Mike Haines, who were walking their dog along the beach at the time, show a plume of dust on the beach as rock comes crashing down without warning.

Hours later, the couple, who live nearby, captured images of a second fall from their home in which rocks can be seen spilling into the sea.

Charmouth Heritage Centre warden Anna Holbrook says the combination of dry weather, which causes the rock to shrink and crack, and heavy downpours as a result of a recent storm, will have caused the falls.

“Any time we have a fall, it’s never safe to go on the beach straight away. This is because the rock will have moved and could be dislodged. We would advise people to stay away from the area immediately after a fall and always seek advice before going out.”

Walkers and fossil-hunters can find safety advice at Charmouth Heritage Centre.