A revised plan for homes on the former Underhill Junior School, Portland has attracted comments for and against.

Local councillor Paul Kimber has now asked for the application to be considered by a committee of elected councillors rather than decided, under delegated powers, by a planning officer.

One of the comments submitted to Dorset Council strongly objects to some of the external changes to the historic building, including demolition of some parts of the former school: “ I am concerned about the impact of development on the character of the area – that there is very little left of the original community building and the rest of the site also to be built in keeping using the same materials used as the existing building,” said neighbour Tracey Sharpe.

She is also concerned that the one sections of the scheme will be almost touching the boundary of her Three Yards Close home.

She also expresses concerns about what she says could be potential drainage problems.

The school site, just off Clovens Road, which closed in July 2014, had previously been granted permission for 20 homes ranging from one to five-bed, despite more than 100 local objections, including from Portland Town Council and the Weymouth Civic Society.

The latest application, for amendments to the original designs for plots 4-8 has been submitted by Calibre Developments UK. The previous application, when permission was originally granted for 20 homes, was from another company. Objectors at the time said the scheme was overbearing and would have an impact on the privacy of nearby homes.

The current variation of conditions request asks for the partial demolition of parts of the school buildings, changes to access, parking and landscape arrangements as well as amendments for the designs of four plots where a change had already been agreed from single storey flats to two 2-storey houses.