I FEEL that this subject has been done to death but before final closure, I am surprised that neither those trying to prove Leave or Remain seem to mention the following relevant fact when making their calculations.

Although both Tory and Labour votes were down drastically, I believe the former captured roughly nine per cent and the latter about 14 per cent of the total votes cast.

Both parties made it clear in their manifestos that they would take the UK out of the EU.

Whilst some leavers might still still vote for them because they supported other policies or even because they are indifferent to this issue, it must be assumed that the great majority felt that the decision made at the referendum must be honoured.

I don’t feel the EU vote actually proves anything, but the views of Tories and Labour must be included in any considerations, and, if they are, then the message has to be leave.

Howard Lester

Lodge Way

Wyke Regis