Noise and disturbance from an outdoor activities centre at Tolpuddle could double for some residents – according to claims made opposing an application to increase the use of the site.

Some are also concerned about the effect on deer and other wildlife in the area and the safety of access to the site.

But one neighbour says the extra use will make little difference and has welcomed the extra jobs which might be created.

The company say the level of noise from the site should not increase.

Max Events wants to increase the use of its site to four days a week and to have extra operating hours during the summer. It is currently restricted to no more than two days a week.

It operates at Shakes Hole, off the Southover Farm access road, and is said to attract 11,000 people a year.

If the variation of conditions is allowed activities could be held on the site four days a week, excluding Sundays, with opening hours between 8am and 6.30pm between the start of April and end of September. The extension application does not include clay pigeon shooting.

Several residents have written to Dorset Council to say that the increased use would be too much: “This application would more than double the length of time of the activities which are already causing excessive noise, traffic, litter and other pollution, and ugly excrescences on a formerly tranquil area of woods and fields. The main track, in fact the only track, past the Shakes Hole site becomes extremely unpleasant for the walkers, runners and cyclists who wish to use it, as the traffic to and from the site forces them off the track, as well as stirring up dust or mud,” said Mrs Mary Gostelow.

Another resident, Nigel Symes, has written: “An increase of an additional daily 10 hours of noise and increased vehicle traffic and people movement in this quiet rural area is not in any way beneficial to the local environment. The increase in noise from completely at odds with the habitat attracting often seen deer, badgers , rabbits and a considerable range of birds.”

Said John Woodward: “Dorset Council have declared an environmental emergency so they should not approve anything that creates additional pollution, additional fumes ,noise, or disrupts natural environment... Most visitors to Dorset rural areas come to enjoy the environment and its natural beauty and tranquility; this is a key attraction and provides economic benefit for Dorset as whole. This is put at risk if woodland and rural settings are used for quad bikes and the like.”

The site has been approved for the use of archery, off-road buggy racing, clay pigeon shooting, 4x4 vehicle driving and blind driving through a range of obstacles, since February 2008. At the time condition was granted for no more than two days in a week with the hours limited to 9am to 5.30pm. Clay pigeon shooting remains restricted to one day a week.

Agents for the company say the business attracts visitors, mainly from groups staying at Dorset hotels, and has created two full-time jobs and work for 25 part-time staff. It says if the application is allowed more jobs could be created.

Only one public comment has been received in support of the application - Mrs Penny Ruddock says that as the nearest downwind property she does occasionally hear activities but not at a high enough level to prevent sitting out in the garden.

“The use of this site brings in visitors and money into the area, with some local people being employed on the site and at Southover farm yard maintaining vehicles,” she says in a letter to the Dorset Council planning team.

The application is expected to be decided by a council officer.