Earlier this week we reported the BBC's announcement that free TV licence fees for over-75s are to be means-tested.

It means households without someone who receives Pension Credit will now have to pay for the licence - and we asked you for your opinions.

Here's what readers thought.

My parents are both in their 80s and can't claim pension credit so this will affect them. They are not well off! DorsetBlades

This is a good move. Bus passes should be means tested too. I worked out the other day, that in 30 years’ time, when I eventually get my pension, I will actually be better off than when I am working. nortius.suth-seaxa

You watch you pay regardless of age being old is part of life. Bus passes are free and there's plenty on the buses daily would they be there as often if they had to pay? I doubt it. p j d

Just can't win. Where I live bus services were stopped years ago, therefore my bus pass is useless. Now, when I was eventually to hit 75, no free TV licence. This is merely my comment.

Excellent idea. Should never have been brought in.

The main problem now is the level of the licence. The cost of the licence was left unchanged from 2010 to 2017 at £145.50 but has been increased in 2018 and 2019. My own view is that it should not be increased. This will mean a gradual decline in the BBC income in real terms. Currently the BBC is a bloated organisation. They need to decide what is really important to them and trim down accordingly. eg they spend 20% of their money on their radio channels; perhaps a little odd for money raised from a "TV" licence. ronfogg

Many appear to favour the move, personally, I am dead against it especially as the rich appear to be getting richer and the money is not filtering down to the 90% of the population who are not rich. People scrimp to save and now they will have to pay for a TV licence, not on!

l over 75 should save are not paying it, get lost, what will they do then?

Let BBC go commercial and scrap the licence altogether! The wise old owl