Mr Neimer (June 11) chooses not to understand "the immense damage … done to our democratic traditions" by the fraudulent nature of the referendum, although the details have been very clearly explained to him. He will continue set in his ways.

What should be exercising everyone is that the future out of the EU that was promised in the referendum campaign has now been revealed as illusory (it always was). Furthermore, the bright future now being promised in a WTO, no-deal future (which no-one has voted for) is also clearly illusory.

Moreover, in or out of the EU, our security - economic, political, military - depends intimately on the stability of the European bloc. It is stronger with us in it. The US increasingly attends not to this side of the Atlantic, but to the other side of the Pacific, where many challenges are developing, partly exacerbated by Trump's belligerence. The effects will outlast Trump, and the US no longer has the capacity to maintain both fronts. We have for too long depended on the US; that luxury is ending.

This is still "our country". Mr Neimer's contention to the contrary is absurd, and ignores the detailed explanations he has received on these pages.

All who are concerned, rightly, with sovereignty, democratic as well as national, will be far more worried about the threat now posed by the US, long evident but explicit since Trump's visit. The "trade" agreement he will insist on will undermine far more than our pooled EU sovereignty. It will be a far more uncompromising agreement than the Obama-era proposal that the EU, after a continent-wide democratic wave of opposition, rejected because of precisely those threats.

As for Mr Kirby's comment (June 10) that there should be a second "people's vote" in the Peterborough election, he should note that, indeed, there will be one in, at most, three years' time. I note his implied parallel with the EU vote, and welcome him to the ranks of second referendum supporters.

Barry Tempest

Romulus Close