Whilst I agree that a community hall on the great field would probably be under used, I do wonder,as part of this proposed building was toilets and changing facilities included! We have part of the field used for sporting activities most weekends throughout the year and the need for both would be deemed to be practical especially if a morning or afternoon is spent on various sports.

Another facility which has been thrown out with the bath water is more play equipment. Yes there is a selection for older children, and keep fit equipment for adults which in the summer at peak times you have to queue for, but nothing for toddlers and pre school children

Parents often have more than 1 child and of course their children are not all in the same age range plus there is a time when supervision is needed, this is dependant on the child’s and parents needs but around 12yrs I’m guessing is practical for a child to access the great field unaccompleded so whilst a large hall isn’t needed,room of some sort would provide shelter from our English weather, seating to watch children play if not playing with them etc

For the pre school child swings slides etc if not already being provided should still form part of the needs ,the play areas for small children are scattered around Dorchester -from by the Duchy offices to Victoria Park and London Rd area

Indoor toddler play area and cafe- community run,is another facility that is lacking in this country, usually only provided commercially. We are continuing to build homes and with this increase comes the responsibility to provide infrastructure which must include play areas etc

So please do not turn down what is being offered because you haven’t children or if you have, they have grown out of play areas. Believe me -grandchildren will soon come along.

What is needed is an area for all-dog walkers, cycle and running tracks,somewhere to sit, somewhere to play, just somewhere that all can go.

Heather Robinson