Last week the Echo wrote a story about Wey Valley School in Weymouth being rated 'Inadequate' by Ofsted. Here is what our readers thought:

Is there a Weymouth school that isn't in, just coming out of or about to go into special measures?

Bincombe Valley in Littlemoor now seems to be the most reliably good school we have.

The situation guarantees that at some point in all of our children's school careers, they'll spend several years at a failing school.

I can think of no other town where this would be tolerated. James Farquharson

I would suggest you spend a whole week in one of these schools James. What you would discover is that there is a team of highly professional and dedicated staff going far beyond the requirements of their contracts to try and ensure the very best for their students. Unfortunately budgets are being squeezed by the government to the point where schools cannot function properly in spite of the best efforts of the people working there. You're right that it shouldn't be tolerated but the blame lies at the door of the government not the schools. Go on, spend a week in a school and find out the truth. I dare you. wideeyedandlegless

If it's on the Government's agenda to acadamise all secondary schools non of them stand a chance good, bad or indifferent....Sonia68

I left school a few years ago and so the school could tick that ofsted box, they stuck up politically correct posters with the caption saying that we should care for one another and pointless stuff like that. ChickTerra

Try queuing at one of the Wey Valley bus stops. Watch the kids pushing past people or watch elderly people left standing while the kids sit engrossed in their phones with their couldn't care less attitude. Firelighter

Governors have to take a big chunk of responsibility here. The clue is in the name! The role of governors is to challenge the school management in all aspects. My wife is the chair of governors of a very successful primary. It takes up a lot of her time, but with a supportive team at her side issues are identified quickly and dealt with. Mind you this is one of the few remaining council run schools. Vegit8

It's ok, it's an academy. The Gov will bail them out. we can't have a private business failing to reach their profit targets elloello1908

Remind which non academy schools in Weymouth or Portland have been high performing. Rocksalt