WITH any luck, the MP for West Dorset will be swept away, along with the rest of his cronies at the next General Election.

He presides over one of the most economically deprived area in Britain, with 1,694 families on the housing register. What does he drivel on about in his Echo column? Dropping a mobile phone.

He never mentions the outrageous practice of wealthy people buying second homes in Dorset, then left empty for most of the year.

Why is this? Could it be that too many Westminster incumbents own these perfectly good family properties?

Will we ever see the end of “professional" politicians.

Silver spoon fed from birth that it is their god given right to lord it over the rest of us.

Who have no idea what living on very little money is like?

What ever else Brexit might achieve it has surely given us a once in a lifetime chance to rid UK politics of the likes of Sir Oliver Letwin?

Rodney Best

Doncaster Road