IN MY opinion, the Conservatives are in total meltdown especially if their membership do back Boris Johnson, to be their leader, and therefore our Prime Minster.

Why oh why, are they all so scared of Nigel Farage?

The Brexit Party will crash, as did UKIP.

A number of their MEPs don't want the job including Mr. Farage himself!

Their only aim is to destroy the United Kingdom.

They also want to bring down the European Union.

Are they supporting Russia and the US, as those two want to wipe out any rivals.

We here have always been Europeans and indeed, fought two world wars to secure peace and co-operation.

The Royal Family are European, almost German to the point, we could argue, that Germany should have been British.

But no, the Conservatives run away ,and yet they signed us up to be full members and had the Channel Tunnel built.

They encouraged investment into the UK, to now lose it.

In the meantime, we have old age pensions running the Labour Party (Corbyn,

McDonnell) no doubt others. Who just will not put up a fight against the Conservatives whilst it appears most of their MP's are Remainers as are the membership.

Why don't those Remainers simply jump-ship to the Liberal Democrats.

The Liberal Democrats are the only Party who will take up the challenge to Nigel Farage.

The Lib/Dems now have the highest number of members in their history. (Not to be confused with the old established, Liberal Party).

Brexit will ruin Britain.

The other 27 member Countries of the EU, will all stay, and now be our closest rivals.

They will not give us a favourable deal.

Indeed other Countries want to join them, and we will be replaced.

There could be a simple solution. The Remainer Conservative MP's need to defect, therefore reducing the Conservative numbers within Parliament. That will force a vote of no confidence and a General Election.

Should that not then produce a clear majority, then we will have to go for a People's Vote. In the meantime, Revoke Article 50, to give us time.

The Conservatives are fighting for their own survival, they really don't care what happens to the rest of us. And yet, probably they have the most to lose, as their membership has been often, those with money. After Brexit, they will clearly lose that money.

Labour supporters are going to lose their jobs, as firms close down or relocate within the EU.

Don't just do nothing and believe 'it will be alright on the night', as it won't be.

We have been the third largest member of the EU and second strongest economy, AS MEMBERS. Those who harp on about how well the UK has done over the years. Do shut up. That was, because we have been within the EU.

Outside we are going to lose that.