FANS of Mr Bean will be able to meet one of the co-writers when he comes to town to sign copies of his new books.

Robin Driscoll has an impressive career of script writing and also acting, but recently turned to writing mystery thrillers, interspersed with a certain amount of comedy.

He is now the author of ‘The Unborn’ and ‘Still Warm’, and he will be signing copies at The Book Shop in Bridport tomorrow.

Mr Driscoll said: “After leaving Worthing Art College in the early 70s, I, with friends Pete McCarthy, Rebecca Stevens and Tony Hasse, formed a touring company called ‘Cliffhanger’. Our shows were always comedies and contrived through improvisation.

“The years rolled along until I was asked to join Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis in co-writing ‘Mr Bean’ for television. Great fun and right up my alley.

“Richard got very busy running Comic Relief, which left me writing the majority of the show, and I am very grateful to him and Rowan for giving me that opportunity.

“By this time, I was writing and performing for other shows too. For instance, I was The Great Ramondo in ‘Only Fools and Horses’ ‘The Jolly Boy’s Outing’. Other TV shows where I had supporting roles were ‘Waiting for God’, ‘Dear John’, ‘Sitting Pretty’, ‘Reeves and Mortimer’, ‘The Fast Show’, The ‘Alexi Sayle Show’, ‘Mornin’ Sarge’, ‘Wilderness Road’. ‘Friday Night Live’. Films included, ‘The Tall Guy’, ‘Morons from Outer Space’ and ‘The Heist’. And I co-wrote ‘Bean, the Disaster Movie’ and ‘Mr. Bean’s Holiday’.

“Years later, younger writers began to emerge alongside younger commissioning editors and producers, and they brought with them different styles of comedy.

“After thirty-odd years, I fancied a change.

“So here I am, I’m now an author writing mystery thrillers with funny bits.”

Mr Driscoll will be at The Book Shop on South Street tomorrow from 9.30am to 3.30pm.