THE BBC is targeting the majority of over 75s.

In justification, the BBC’s Director-General Lord Hall has written “...The BBC belongs to all of us....”

If only. In reality, the BBC was hi-jacked years ago by a cadre of the politically correct. The BBC consistently puts forward the BBC point of view and suppresses the rest.

In particular, on the defining issue of the day, Brexit, the BBC has abandoned any attempt at objectivity. Before the referendum in the years 2005-2015, there were 4,275 guests talking about the EU on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme; of these only 132 (3.2 per cent) were supporters of leaving the EU. The BBC targets opinions and people it dislikes. Under Lord Hall’s Leadership (if you can call it that), this has got worse.

A constructive suggestion, the BBC should pay market rates and not inflated BBC rates to its so-called stars. To give one example, for presenting recorded film of football games, the always politically correct Gary Lineker gets a reported £1,700,000 per year.


Independent MEP for the South West and Gibraltar

Whiteway, near Exeter, Devon