JOHN Ellwood (June 24) misses several points.

China and India are certainly significant contributors to greenhouse gas production, but their problems are greater than ours.

They have large populations that are still a long way behind our standard of living.

Our consumption of the world’s resources is, per capita, still greater than theirs.

It is up to us to do what we can to mitigate our own contribution to the damage.

It is becoming increasingly fashionable for cynics to attack “the unsmiling Scandinavian girl with the pigtails”, an unpleasantly sneery, patronising put-down which evades the necessity of answering Greta Thunberg’s carefully presented facts and arguments.

Mr Ellwood comes badly out of the comparison.

He will have an opportunity for several years to make his planned trip to Weymouth.

Even so, given the rate at which the effects of global heating are outstripping the predictions, it is quite possible that the lower-lying, Melcombe Regis parts of Weymouth will be subject to serious levels of flooding within the lifetimes of many current residents.


Romulus Close,