THE letter from Ron Bryant (June 26) on our relationship with the EU illustrates a troubling (and not uncommon) "them and us" view.

This can so often tip over into resentment and a feeling of superiority and entitlement from the UK perspective, which can be summed up thus:

Dear Agony Aunt,

Some years ago I joined a group of people I thought would benefit me and, as I knew I was special, I demanded all sorts of concessions and special treatment, which I usually got.

Now I've decided to leave, and they're being difficult about it.

They expect me to go through all this tedious legal and financial stuff, instead of just letting me walk away and still enjoy anyway most of the benefits I had before.

I've tried the usual stuff – repeatedly making the same demands, blaming them for all the difficulties, being nasty about them in public – but it doesn't seem to be working.

I don't see why I should pay them the money that's already been agreed and is part of their future plans – I mean, 70 years ago I did some of their relatives a huge favour, and they should be grateful for ever, give me everything I want, and forget all about the money I've promised.

What do you think?




Romulus Close, Dorchester