THE letter from Barry Tempest regarding Europe’s help during World War Two is true up to a point.

However, from 1940 until 1944 there was no military opposition, on European soil, from Russia in the East, to the West coast of France and all points in between, to the invading enemy.

Once the Russians changed sides, in 1941, they took on their invaders with courage and huge losses.

The UK meanwhile supplied France with help in several forms to the French Resistance.

The great body of continental Europe was unable to help us for several years, in any practical way.

Nazi Germany had a tight grip on the land mass and most of the surrounding seas.

From Norway to Spain there was no relief.

The Poles and Free French who had managed to keep ahead of the invading forces were a huge help, but on English soil, fed and clothed by English allies.

Europe as a bloc no longer had the means of fighting in any real sense.

So, yes Britain stood alone from Dunkirk until the Russians changed their minds and distracted the Nazis’ attention.

The formation of the European union was precisely to avoid this ever happening again, whether by rogue countries or subversive elements wishing to destroy by undermining stable governments, and have succeeded remarkably well, as witness the peaceful metamorhposes of Communist states into democratic entities., where once was was suspicion and animosity.

Brexit will never equal that comforting ethic.


Dagmar Road, Dorchester