AROUND 24,000 visitors travelled to Tankfest at the weekend.

The annual event, at The Tank Museum, Bovington, took place over three-days from Friday.

Historic vehicles on display this year included the German Second World War Panther tank, which travelled from the French Tank Museum.

Other highlights included a Jagdpanther and a Second World War British Sherman Firefly tank, which was transported from Belgium.

Aside from the arena displays, visitors were able to explore the living history encampment's and trader's village.

Museum curator David Willey said: "At Tankfest, The Tank Museum displays some of the finest running armour from its own collection.

"What makes this event extra special is our ability to attract some amazingly rare guest armour.

"For many of our visitors this would have been a first opportunity to see these vehicles running."

The Second World War German Panther tank, lent by the French Tank Museum, ran as part of the arena displays for the first time ever this year.

Considered to be one of the best tanks produced during World War II, the restoration of the Panther and its transportation across the English Channel was funded by event sponsors World of Tanks.