So the 'Fat cats' and TV presenters at the BBC are receiving another obscene pay increase adding to their already over-flowing bank accounts and who pays for it? Joe public, that's who.

Well let me tell you, I for one won't be paying towards it! When my TV licence was due at the end of last year I informed the TV authorities I would not be renewing my licence and have now disconnected the TV set so that programmes can not be broadcast or recorded. My wife and I were watching less and less TV due to the absolutely rubbish programmes on offer such as mindless reality games, repeats, 'soaps', garden makeovers, etc, etc. We only used to watch documentaries and wildlife programmes but these were showing more of presenters and not the wildlife and Spring/Autumn Watch has lost it's way, as has Countryfile.

We thought to ourselves, What are we paying for? Hence, no more TV in this household and you know what? I can honestly say we do not miss it one jot. We read much more (not newspapers, except the Echo), we talk more and socialize more. I realize this would not suit all tastes but if you feel like us, why not give it a try? However, be sure to notify the TV Authorities first and obtain an exemption.

Colin Fountain