It was rather sad to see Mrs Tempest parodying the supposed views of a Brexiteer [Letters 29 June]. I am sure she considers herself to be a right thinking person (not the political right of course). The trouble is such right thinking can so easily morph into a touch of self-righteousness, together with what nowadays is called virtue-signalling. I am sure she does not intend it, but she gives the impression of looking down her nose, in a rather sneering way, at those who do not share her love for the European Union. Many of us have never understood why such an overblown and bureaucratic organisation was required to maintain peace in Europe or to encourage trade and commerce. If the EU could have accepted that it needed major reform, and to have become a much looser alliance of European nation-states, many of us could have gone along with that. As things are, even in the modern world, I feel that the United Kingdom is quite capable of making its own way, forming alliances and trading, without the need to be tied to such an organisation.

Richard Samways

Albert Terrace