I MOVED down here from London four years ago to enjoy the sea and the rolling green fields.

While I completely understand that there is a need to build new homes there should be certain things that happen so save as much as we can.

Empty property.

A complete and complex survey needs to be undertaken so that the council know how many empty properties there are.

This needs to include shops that are disused and the spaces above them. A walk through Weymouth would give an indication.

For those who can’t afford to restore dilapidated builds government funds should be available that are only repayable when the property is sold or rented out. Those that can’t be saved should be turned into multi-story buildings.

Why remove 65 acres for 100 homes when you can do it with 10 and save the rest?

Yes, a blot on the landscape at least we’d still have something other than one town rolling into another.

Simon Estridge

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