Reference the proposed development known as Litt 1 and Litt 2. Firstly I should emphasise that the entirety of this is in Bincombe and not Littlemoor, Weymouth.

The planning committee visited the site on Thursday morning before they met in the afternoon. I was not allowed to attend the site visit, even as an observer, because of "protocol", but was allowed to speak at the meeting, for just three minutes.

Protocol apparently allows observers in exceptional circumstances but 500 dwellings, an hotel, car showrooms, a school, a care home, a community hall, more shops and an industrial site being dumped in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty does not constitute exceptional.

Neither is any allowance made for the disruption caused to people already living here from an estimated 10 years of construction.

There are 233, or maybe more by now, documents to plough through, available from the Dorset For You website, that are relevant to this proposed development: these documents display some confusion, such as calling the A353 Littlemoor Road the "relief road", when it is not.

The Dorset Council's own landscape architect recommends a tree belt of at least 30 metres width around the North and West boundaries of the site and that this should be given time to mature before construction commences.

At the site of the new school this tree belt would be much less but the Planning Officer shrugs this off as an acceptable compromise.

How many more compromises will there be should this plan ever come to fruition?

Finally, I agree with Councillor O'Leary, Littlemoor, that any monies from the developer should be used to benefit the local community, which is desperately short of facilities.

Councillor Graham Brant,

Bincombe Parish Council.