A dedicated lifeboat volunteer and ex-firefighter has written a book to raise money for Weymouth lifeboat station on its 150th anniversary.

Budding author Sid Payne, who lives by Weymouth Harbour, has written the book titled 'Five years in the life of a lifeboat station 2014-2019' which is on sale now.

Mr Payne moved to Weymouth five years ago and has been collecting information and photos about Weymouth lifeboats ever since.

He said: "I have always been interested in the lifeboat. I was a fireman in Hertfordshire Fire Service so I had a background in emergency service.

"When you come to live near the coast you want to put something into it. On Saturday mornings I work in the shop and on Tuesdays and Thursdays I run tours of the lifeboat.

"I live at the harbourside and started taking pictures when I came down, so I stuck them all together for the 150th anniversary."

The book covers all aspects of the world surrounding Weymouth Harbour with regards to the work of the RNLI, including shouts, lifeboats, training and fund raising. Other lifeboats old and new which have visited or passed through will also feature in the book. There is also a bit of history "thrown in for good measure."

Mr Payne continued: "I first wrote a book about my 20 years with the fire brigade. I've also written two books about Portland."

The lifeboat book is priced at £10, and 100 per cent of profits will go towards the RNLI. Copies are available to buy at the RNLI shop attached to the lifeboat station on Nothe Parade, open from 10.30am to 4pm daily. It is also on sale at The Ruan Thai restaurant, 6 Bond Street, at Books Afloat, 66 Park Sreet, and at the Library Harbour Cafe, 5 Trinity Road.

Mr Payne said Print Team (Dorset) on Portland printed the book and also made a donation to the fund, and thanked them and the other companies involved for their help in preparing and selling the book on behalf of Weymouth RNLI.