Weymouth College’s annual Primary College event – where Year 6 pupils from a number of local schools get to enjoy taster sessions in various vocational and academic subjects – got off to a flying start this week.

Aspirational young reporters in the Journalism workshop interviewed students in other workshops about why they chose their options and whether they would consider pursuing them in future.

Roxy and Esme from Wyke Regis and Laila from Chickerell, 11, spoke to Isabel, 10, from Wyke Regis and Oscar, 11, from St John’s in the Pottery workshop:

Isabel said she 'enjoys Pottery deeply and loves using her imagination to express her feelings', whilst Oscar said he ‘enjoys the freedom of making his own clay animals.’

We asked if they would consider Pottery as a future career. Oscar said he’d rather ‘explore his options further before choosing’ and Isabel was ‘unsure’. However, both of them were smiling as they went back into their workshop, indicating that Pottery was an exciting and fun activity for people of all ages.”

William and Tom from Radipole and Riley from Bincombe, 11, asked Peter, 10, from Radipole why he chose Photography.

He told them: “‘Because I really wanted to try something new and I’ve never used a camera before!"

When asked if he wanted to do it as a future career, he said: "No, I’d rather be an Animation Designer.’”

Herbie and Jamie from Holy Trinity and Sulis and Charlotte from Portesham, 11, interviewed Maisie from Holy Trinity and Aliya from Radipole, 10, in the college kitchen:

“They told us they enjoyed their cooking experience and they were encouraged to cook because they’ve watched world famous chefs on the television, like Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver. Maisie likes Gordon Ramsay because she thinks he’s motivating and passionate (basically he shouts a lot), whilst Aliya likes Jamie Oliver because she thinks he’s very inspiring. They said they’d learnt many special techniques for making pizza and decided they want to do more baking at home. They picked this workshop because their families cook for them, so they were eager to try it out for themselves.”