I AM sure everyone is fed up to the back teeth with the lack of progress with "Brexit" so perhaps a different view of that event might be useful.

In the EU referendum the results for England & Wales were 211 constituencies with a "Leave" majority of votes as opposed to 97 with a "remain" majority.

Therefore it could be argued that "Brexit" MPs had a majority of 114 seats.

That being the case and assuming MPs are elected to to promote (as best they can) the wishes of their constituents it is difficult to understand why the "Leave" process has developed into such a shambles.

This was/is a one-off issue which should not be influenced in any way by an MP's personal feelings or by party political interference.

Increasingly I (and many others, it seems) feel that a lot of MPs are acting like recalcitrant chairmen of boards of directors overruling every decision which does not suit their personal agenda.

(Egomania springs to mind). But hey!

Who would be interested in the opinion of an octogenarian long indoctrinated with the concept that with a position of power comes duty to and responsibility for others, especially those who put you in that position. Any thoughts?


Fourgates Road, Dorchester