Thousands of people turned up to see the Museum of the Moon during its visit to Weymouth.

The exhibition, which featured a giant model of the Moon suspended over the courtyard of Nothe Fort, has toured numerous locations including Bournemouth and Sherborne.

While the exact number of people who showed up to see it over last weekend is yet to be confirmed, it has been revealed that the number is in the thousands.

Steven Booth, the marketing manager for Nothe Fort, said: "It went incredibly well. We have never had as many visitors over a weekend. You have got to remember that the Seafood Festival was happening at the same time.

"It has just proved a huge success. The backdrop of the fort was fantastic - the real moon in the background with the sculpture was a really nice combination.

"We are please that so many people came and and had such a good time.

"We have had nothing but positive comments. It has been a very rewarding and positive experience."

Despite the exhibit being temporarily taken down on Friday evening due to high winds, the rest of the weekend saw a number of successful events happen alongside the Moon.

One item on the programme was a silent disco on the Saturday, which gave people the opportunity to enjoy the spectacle of the Moon at night.

Mr Booth said: "This is a venue like no other in Dorset and we feel visitors connected with this in a very different way than the other venues in Dorset.

"We at the Nothe Fort think that Dorset was honoured to have this amazing exhibit and we all embraced this this amazing event.

"What better way to celebrate the infamous first landing on the Moon by Apollo 11 50 years ago. Many of us can remember that out of the world event back in July 1969, which makes this event all the more special."

Luke Jerram, who is the artist behind the project, said: "I’m delighted the tour of Museum of the Moon was a great success. It’s a tribute to all the hard work of many people and several organizations all working together to realize the project."

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