From reading more of the excellent You Say correspondence, it seems that several readers believe that the Dorset coast is in imminent danger of flooding as a result of sea level rise caused by global warming.

No doubt these individuals have been reinforced in their beliefs by remarks such as those from HRH Prince Charles who declared in 2009 that we had seven years to save the world, and by those of the highly regarded American politician and prophet Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who stated that as a result of the lack of action on climate change, the world will end in 2030.

These statements have prompted me to make this generous proposal to owners of any of the larger properties in Sandbanks.

I am prepared to offer a sum, not in excess of £15K, to purchase their houses.

It must be noted, however, that this amount will decrease incrementally as the months pass and the rising tide begins to swamp their rose gardens as it encroaches ever closer to their front porches.

When the inevitable inundation occurs and my residence becomes uninhabitable, I will allow snorkelling, and then scuba diving, in the vicinity of the property.


Redmayne Drive, Carnforth