We seem to be seeing a lot of dogs with gastroenteritis at the moment – these are dogs that present with vomiting and diarrhoea.

Indeed, in a lot of these cases, this diarrhoea has been haemorrhagic (containing blood). These poor dogs are feeling pretty unwell and, as is always the case, those that are either elderly, very young or have other underlying medical conditions are worst affected.

The fact that we are seeing a lot of these cases at the moment could simply be coincidence (some illnesses are like buses – none for a while and then three come along at once), it could be that there is an infection going around or it could be that in this hot weather the nasties that dogs find to eat out on walks are that much more rotten than usual and cause nastier upset tummies.

If your dog has just a little bit of sickness and diarrhoea you can treat them at home by resting them and giving them bland food.

If you are concerned you could always speak to your vet and in the first instance they might put up something to settle their tummy, but if any vomiting or diarrhoea continues they really should be seen.

Generally we will treat these cases “symptomatically” which means we do not always know the underlying cause but we treat the vomit and diarrhoea with supportive therapy – either with your dog staying at home or in serious cases with them staying in hospital on a drip.

If symptoms continue then we will investigate further to try and find any underlying cause that may need specific treatment.