John Ellwood writes about sea level rise, caused by global warming. He misquotes Prince Charles and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, so, perhaps, aiming to dismiss the reality of sea level rise?

A few facts:

Sea levels around the world are rising by an average of three centimetres every 10 years.

Some countries are suffering rates of sea level rise much greater than this.

For example some of the islands of the Kiribati nation, in the Pacific, are enduring sea level rise of 12cm every 10 years.

Soon, most of their islands will be uninhabitable and they will become the first entire nation of climate refugees, as they migrate to nearby Fiji. In Bangladesh and NE India, some 60 million people are at risk of loosing their land, homes and livelihoods, due to sea level rise.

So, yes the entire Dorset coast is not going to flood next year, but Weymouth, for example, is in imminent danger: read the Environment Agency report on flood risks. Pundamentalism, in views from the web, makes some interesting points, with some useful facts and figures. May I add a few more and amend some?

In the mid-Pliocene warm epoch, ice sheets in the N hemisphere were starting to form (about four million years ago), sea levels were 60ft.

CO2 levels were 400 parts per million (ppm) and temperature was +3 degrees Celsius higher than now. Now, CO2 levels are 415 ppm and rising. Predictions anyone, as to likely temperature and sea level rise in the future?

Fifty million years ago, when the Himalayas were formed during the Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), average temperatures were 13 degrees Celsius hotter than today, sea levels were 200ft higher than today and CO2 levels were 1,000 ppm.

The Antarctic ice sheet started to form 40 million years ago.

What caused the last ice age to end, s/he asks? I have run out of space and will need another letter to answer this, so please ask again!


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