In years five and six at St George’s Primary School you get to go sailing at the Weymouth & Portland Sailing Academy. They have special instructors to guide you, and you get to go sailing for two days.

We went sailing for half a day, which was amazing and extremely fun. Chloe nearly fell off and Katelyn’s boat tipped a lot. People in speed boats would come around and make waves which was fun to rock around in the boat


We all had a brilliant time and none of us capsized luckily. After that we all headed to shore at the beach and talked about how to be safe when sailing or going to the beach.

Group 1 had white boats. They were a bit faster than the orange boats; the orange boats were more steady than the white boats. One group was the closest to falling in, that was someone’s boat called Charlie.

Everyone else’s boats were just about fine.

We both have lived on Portland all our lives and think that they should definitely carry on doing these types of trips at school.

We hope you go sailing soon.

By Chloe Masters and Katelyn Irvin

St George’s Primary School