Three cattle were stolen after they were let out from a field in North Dorset.

The incident is believed to have occurred sometime between 11am on Thursday, July 18 and 8.15am on Friday, July 19.

Cattle had been let out of a field near Caundle Marsh.

A spokesman for Dorset Police said: “This was a deliberate act as the field gate had to be opened by hand and had a spring catch mechanism.

“When the owner located his animals on the road, he discovered that three were missing and they are believed to have been stolen.

“It was evident that the cows had tried to get up over a steep bank, and this is likely to have happened because the cows were spooked by something.

“They are currently also in calf (15-18 months).

“The cattle ID information of the missing animals is: 131 (black and white) - UK341260302003 (ear tag) 215 (black and white) - UK341260102057 (ear tag) 515 (red) - UK341260202037 (ear tag).

“If you have any information regarding this crime, please contact Dorset Police via the Dorset Police ‘Do It Online’ portal:

"You can also call the  non-emergency telephone number 101 and quote Dorset Police occurrence number 55190111299.”