IT seems to be terribly trendy these days to have plastic free events.

Found recently to greet someone when they got down to the bottom of the Mariana trench was a plastic bag .

This is at a depth of 11000 metres.

If the person who made it down that far would have been British they might have had a plastic £10 note in their pocket.

I consider these new banknotes of ours to be plastic. We are now going to produce another one a £20.00 note.

I call these plastic free events hypocrisy. To be truly plastic free, leave your banknotes at home, or continue to be taken in by these sales pitches.

Why is it all these people who quite rightly sound off about plastic say nothing that I can hear about these banknotes. Ditch the banknotes.

I really don’t understand, why something like Glastonbury can be praised for being plastic free when everyone had pockets, wallets and purse’s with plastic in. Ditch the banknotes.

Why have we allowed our so called betters to do this for us?

Show you really are environmentally switched on, lets get rid of them.

Andrew Wilcox