JOHN Tomblin is correct to challenge the sea level rise deniers (July 20).

There are precision tide gauges located at 13 sites along the south coast of England, seven along the coasts of France on the English Channel and one in the Channel Islands.

There is one in Weymouth Harbour near the Pavilion.

The local tide gauge has been measuring sea level in Weymouth Harbour every 15 minutes since 1991. All these gauges are showing mean sea levels rising.

Local sea level rise is a measured fact – see figure 4.3 in my book “Flooding in Weymouth”.

It is furthermore forecast that the rate of sea level rise will accelerate due to climate change such that by 2050 the mean sea level in Weymouth Harbour could be at least 300mm higher relative to 2000 levels.

The existing harbour protection wall was built in 2002 to protect the town centre but yet in 2008 the sea lapped at the top of the wall threatening the town’s commercial and residential heart.

It is urgent that the wall is significantly increased in height to safeguard Weymouth’s assets irrespective of arguments about the actual speed of sea level rise.


College Lane, Weymouth