WE HEAR so many negative reports about schools, yet there are positives, Chickerell Primary Academy, “where every child matters.”

My grandson started at this school in November 2019, year 2, his third school due to house moves.

When we visited the school we were welcomed by the principal Miss J Harris, she was friendly and put us at ease, showing us around.

My grandson settled in at once, over the months he has gained in confidence, his progress has been remarkable.

The receptionists are always helpful, and seem to know almost every child’s name! The handyman is prompt at locking and unlocking gates, keeps all areas clean and tidy.

The whole atmosphere is relaxed, cheerful and welcoming.

The children are all well behaved in the areas surrounding the school.

Wet day playtimes are not dreaded, but full of fun and games.

Sports day was amazing (even though I got sunburnt!) with fun sports and competitive races.

I give my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Miss Chappell, Mrs Wapshott and Mrs Edgar for the fantastic teaching my grandson has received. I am really looking forward to his time in year 3.

Patricia Puckett

Barclay Road, Weymouth