Hoteliers fears on budget hotel move.

With reference to the above heading published Tuesday, July 23. Whilst I have every sympathy on our local hoteliers voicing their concerns over Travelodge looking to open a hotel in Weymouth.

I fail to see any difference or the same concerns of supermarkets opening in Weymouth too. If such budget hotels came to Weymouth, of course local hotels will suffer big time. However, why weren’t these concerns discussed back in the day with the supermarkets coming and ruining local businesses.

The facts are that budget hotels will not create jobs the same as supermarkets do not create jobs fact!! Supermarkets are already streamlining their staff to such a degree they cannot cope.

All these major stores have self service tills which do nothing for employment or our town! Pre supermarkets our town was a busy town with the centre full of local independent thriving shops. Each individual independent shop had a piece of the pie.

Consequently, you had more shops open, more jobs occupied, let alone all of the add on delivery drivers, accountants, storemen etc. they all had to be employed. Just look at the state of our town and every other small town now.

They are desolate and ruined by these giant bullies of the retail trade. Who in their right mind would risk opening a shop in Weymouth town? Forget the rates and rent and everything other utility bill they would have to shell out, what could you possibly sell in a shop in Weymouth that could make you any sort of living?

So, my advice to our hoteliers would be, do not let this happen or else you will never survive.