DINOSAUR footprints have been graffitied onto pavement outside Weymouth station... but there's a twist.

The footprints - and the words 'Leave Only Footprints’ - have been graffitied onto the pavement using water.

It is the latest public artwork to appear in the town as part of a campaign to reduce litter.

Litter Free Dorset is behind the campaign - its sister company, Litter Free Coast, recently created a sculpture of a giant takeaway carton on Weymouth Beach.

The footprints and words have been cleaned onto the pavement using a high pressure washer to encourage visitors to take their rubbish home. It is supported by Weymouth Town Council and Dorset Waste Partnership.

Sophie Colley, Litter Free Dorset project officer, was out with a team from Dorset Waste Partnership cleaning the footprints.

"It's a remarkably messy job but well worth it", she said. "We had a few surprised reactions from passers-by - the best reactions are from children when they see dino prints on the pavement.

"We chose dinosaur footprints due to the Jurassic coast. The most successful anti-litter campaigns aren't obviously about litter but get people talking in some way."

The graffiti should last for around three months, according to Litter Free Dorset.

Sophie Colley added: "We'd like to say a huge thank you to Ben and Russel from Dorset Waste Partnership for installing the clean graffiti.

"They are part of a team that removes graffiti and chewing gum from our streets"

Paul Ackrill, head of commercial waste and strategy at Dorset Waste Partnership, said: “Our waste and cleansing team works tirelessly seven days a week to keep the beach clean and free from litter, while also making sure that bins are emptied regularly, and roads and pavements are kept tidy.

"But if you want to ensure your waste is recycled, we kindly suggest taking your rubbish home and use your kerbside bin collection service.”

Weymouth Town Council recently declared that the town will be going single-use plastic free, and is backing the Litter Free Dorset project.

Cllr Graham Winter, Mayor of Weymouth, said: “The Town Council supports this initiative as it will make people think about the impact their litter has on the environment and will help to keep our town clean and welcoming to all.”

To find out more about the campaign visit Litter Free Dorset’s social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.