SHOCKING dash cam footage has emerged showing the moment a speeding car smashed into a barrier while disembarking the Barfleur Ferry at Poole.

Two people were taken to hospital when their car collided with a railing on the ship-to-shore ramp, shortly after the Brittany Ferries' vessel docked at Poole following its crossing from Cherbourg.

Dentist Mark Troy, who was returning from a trip to France with his wife, caught the dramatic impact on his dash cam while waiting to file off the ferry.

He said: "All the cars were moving towards the ramp, then I suddenly noticed in my wing mirror the blue car going like Lewis Hamilton starting from pole position.

"Initially I thought the guy was just going for the gate, that he just wanted to get in front of me because we were moving slowly.

"But then, instead of turning towards the ramp, he just crashed straight into the barrier."

Mr Troy, aged 48, from Poole, said the couple in the blue car were elderly.

Neither casualty was seriously injured, but they were treated for shock, cuts and bruises by ferry staff then paramedics.

The pair were taken to Poole Hospital for further treatment.

Mr Troy said: "When the car hit the barrier there was smoke everywhere.

"The ramp was blocked and there was smoke coming out, I wasn't sure if it was going to explode or not.

"I just stopped and waited for instructions."

After ferry workers rushed to help the couple in the crashed car, the other vehicles were ushered off the ferry.

"I passed by this crashed car then waited in the queue to get out," said Mr Troy. "No-one said anything, no-one from the ferry asked if we were alright, if we wanted to stop and take a moment.

"My wife was shaken for the whole weekend."

The incident took place on Friday evening.

Speaking to the Echo on Friday in the aftermath of the collision, Christopher Jones, Brittany Ferries communications manager, said: "I can confirm that at 7:40pm this evening following Barfleur’s arrival in Poole from Cherbourg, a car carrying two passengers collided with a railing on the ship-to-shore ramp.

"An ambulance was called whilst Barfleur’s crew administered first aid to the car’s driver and passenger.

"Both had minor cuts and bruises but were understandably shocked."