POLICE have called for motorists to keep their possessions safe this summer.

Thefts from cars parked at Dorset beauty spots peak during the long, warm days, officers say.

Elaine Ryan, Dorset Police's prevention development officer, said: "As with our homes, an open car door or window is an invitation to the opportunist thief.

"Always lock doors, the boot, all windows and the sun roof every time you leave the vehicle, even if it is on your driveway,

"It only takes a few seconds for an opportunist thief to nip in and take anything you have left in it.

"Make full use of any security devices you have every time you leave your vehicle.

"Never leave possessions on display or in the boot, someone may see you putting them in there and come back once you have left your vehicle.

"Do you really need to take your handbag or wallet with you, only to leave it in the boot when you are walking in the countryside?"

For more crime prevention tips, visit dorset.police.uk