Young people have the opportunity to show off their nature photography skills in a competition.

The Dorset Wildlife Trust's Pat Dolbear Photography Competition invites under 18s to share their pictures of nature with the chance to win prizes.

As part of the Get Dorset Buzzing campaign, contestants are invited to take pictures of pollinators, including beetles, butterflies, moths and bees.

Sally Welbourn, Dorset Wildlife Trust Communications Officer, said, "The Pat Dolbear Photography Competition invites young people to use their cameras and smart phones to take photos of the smaller things in the natural world, that we might take for granted, or not even see.

"This summer we’re celebrating pollinators as part of the Get Dorset Buzzing campaign, so we’d love to see photos of butterflies, bees and moths – or any of the pollinators you find in your gardens and out on nature reserves.

"Winners will receive Amazon vouchers and a chance to have their photo published in the Dorset Wildlife Trust membership magazine."

The Get Dorset Buzzing campaign aims to encourage more people to make their gardens pollinator friendly to help combat the national decline in the population of pollinators.

The campaign offers people the chance to take the 'Pollinator Pledge', which involves people committing to do one or more things in their garden to help pollinators.

People who sign up will receive a free pack with details about how to make a garden more friendly to pollinators.

Get Dorset Buzzing points out that there has been a large scale loss of habitat for pollinators, and that creating more pollinator friendly gardens would help to address this decline.

Anyone looking to take part in the photography competition should email their submission to with their name, age, and a note about the subject of the picture including the location.

The pictures must be taken in the contestant's garden on on a Dorset Wildlife Trust reserve. Contestants can send in as many photos for the competition as they wish.

To find out more, both about the Pat Dolbear Photography Competition and the Get Dorset Buzzing campaign, visit