WESSEX Water say next year’s Sutton Poyntz Victorian Street Fayre won’t be affected by its £3.7million improvement work at the village water treatment works.

Two new buildings for for the centre have been approved this week by Dorset Council.

There was no objections to the proposal although there has been concern that the building work might have an impact on next year’s Victoria Street Fair. The village will also have to put up with dozens of additional lorry trips while the work takes place.

One resident has questioned the impact that the temporary contractor’s compound would have on a public right of way and parking for the fayre which is expected to take place in June 2020.

The permission will see the removal of an existing temporary UV facility and its replacement with new UV plant in a building measuring 8.5m x 8m x 6m high, and the relocation and replacement of the existing phosphoric acid dosing plant to a new building which will be 5.5m x 8m wide x 5m high. Both are designed to match existing buildings.

Wessex Water say that the improvement works will require access to the site from a temporary entrance on Plaisters Lane, rather than the existing entrance in White Horse Lane. Deliveries to the site by lorry will be restricted to between 9am and 3pm, wherever possible, to reduce congestion. The company is also warning that some overhanging branches on Plaisters Lane may need to be cut back to allow HGV access onto a temporary haul road.

Wessex Water say that bringing in stone for the temporary road will involve ten lorries per day for five days with a similar amount of lorry movement for the construction of the site compound itself.

A Wessex Water spokesman said: “We’re investing £3.7 million at Sutton Poyntz water treatment centre to upgrade and replace equipment, improving water quality for the community.

“Work is already underway and is due to last around a year. A compound will be set up next to the site, with temporary access from Plaisters Lane.

“Wessex Water is a long-term supporter of the street fayre, with exhibitions held at our water supply museum in the village, and we’re liaising with organisers to ensure next year’s event won’t be impacted by work that should be nearing completion.”