WHAT is the best way of protecting children going to and from school?

There are many answers to this question and it is not possible to determine which is the best, you will agree.

One matter which exercises Dorchester Conservatives is the matter of road air pollution.

Attempts to persuade local authorities to take radical action on street pollution has failed, so far, but Conservatives intend to intensify efforts to cut it.

Readers will recall that electric buses were introduced a few years ago but only lasted a relatively brief time.

The reason(s) for this are not entirely clear.

Since Damers School has relocated to Poundbury, no doubt many children walk to and from school along main roads busy with traffic.

Dorchester Conservatives are working to see electric buses reintroduced as part of a drive to reduce substantially the level of air pollution in our town.

Who among we townsfolk isn’t prepared to spend money to keep our children safe?

Brian Parkhurst