The MP for West Dorset will be meeting a mother whose son was tragically killed in a motorcycle crash in Poundbury to investigate road safety measures.

Sir Oliver Letwin is to meet with Tina Cooper to discuss improving traffic measures at the junction of Lower Blakemere Road with Harewood Road.

Following the inquest into the death of Miss Cooper's son Richard Hallett, the coroner wrote to the Duchy of Cornwall about improving traffic measures on the estate.

He said there are no road markings to indicate which vehicle has the right of way when reaching a junction.

And he added that the lack of parking restrictions on Lower Blakemere Road mean drivers have to enter the opposite lane, which reduces their sightlines when approaching the junction.

The Duchy said it would work to install two additional parking bollards on each approach, set back from the junction, deterring cars from parking immediately by the crossing – subject to approval by the highways authority.

The Duchy also stated there had been no other deaths at the site.

Miss Cooper said the Duchy's response is ‘not good enough’ and she wants to see road markings and give way signs installed to prevent further deaths from happening at the junction.

Sir Oliver said: “This was a tragic accident, and it clearly does raise issues about road safety in Poundbury. I am arranging to meet the mother of the young motorcyclist whose life was so tragically cut short, and I will then be taking this up with Dorset Council.”

A spokesman for the Duchy of Cornwall said: “The Duchy of Cornwall was very sad to hear about this tragic accident. We have proposed that two additional parking bollards be installed on each approach, set back from the junction, with the aim of deterring cars from parking immediately by the crossing, but the Duchy will be guided by the highway authority as to whether and what type of changes should be implemented.”

It will be up to the highways authority to decide whether road markings and give way signs should be installed at Poundbury.

Neil Turner, Dorset Highways Development Team Leader, said: “Although we are yet to see the full coroner’s report into this tragic fatality in Poundbury, we are working with the Duchy to review this particular junction and assess what, if any, specific measures can be taken.

“The design of all residential roads, such as where this incident occurred, are designed under the guidance set out by the Department for Transport – where there is no requirement for give-way signs or markings. "These quieter roads can also feature unmarked junctions where the road alignment and features such as ramps encourage drivers to slow down.”