DESPITE Weymouth Carnival not taking place this year, one local entertainer decided he would hold his own one man show to help fill the void.

Caleb Morris, a DJ and children's entertainer from Weymouth, said he wanted to put on his own show to make sure that the town had some form of a carnival this year.

Mr Morris took his roadshow van along the length of The Esplanade, following the traditional route of the carnival procession.

His van, which Mr Morris uses for his company 'Calebrations Roadshow', entertained the pedestrians and beach-goers with flashing LED lights, a bubble machine and a public announcement system that played music across the seafront.

Mr Morris said: "The carnival was a big part of Weymouth and the community, it attracted a lot of tourists and money to the town that local shops relied on.

"So many people have said how they miss the carnival so I said I wanted to bring it back.

"We saw so many people, so many smiles, so many happy faces.

"Unfortunately, Weymouth Carnival has gone for this year but we brought it back in style.

"I just hope that they try and get the carnival back next year."